Hope with Eating Disorders

Hope with Eating Disorders

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When we discuss eating disorders, there’s a tendency to focus on the sufferer. Yet there are millions of concerned parents, carers, friends and relatives throughout the world who are confused and frustrated – Both by their own personal circumstances, and by the abundance of potentially misleading information that is out there. Hope with Eating Disorders is a must-read for anyone concerned about a loved one with food or body issues.

Hope with Eating Disorders is a uniquely optimistic and informative guide, in times when the outlook on health and body image can seem increasingly bleak. It first offers real understanding of the mind-set of someone with an eating disorder or body confidence issue. It then provides an extensive, easily comprehensible and unbiased description of the various treatments available. The book emphasises that eating disorders can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, race or social background. It does not apportion blame, but offers practical solutions.

Hope with Eating Disorders features interviews with some of the World’s leading experts in the field. It also features celebrity interviews, giving a crucial insight into the pressures faced by a sector of society who are often blamed for body insecurities.

Most importantly, however, ‘Hope with Eating Disorders’ sends the message that real, full and lasting recovery is possible, despite what we are so often told.