Over the years I have watched many films surrounding mental health issues, all of which bring their own message in their own way.
I was keen to create something different, a satirical yet equally emphatic and real to the subject film, with the hope it would not only educate but give people a better understanding of just how debilitating living with a mental illness can be for both the sufferer and the carer alike.

My daughter Samantha co-wrote with Megan Kerby a light-hearted but sensitive and very real script, depicting some of the challenges Sam may face in a day with her ocd. It was filmed with Samantha playing herself.

The “Day With …” film series was born

The first film itself has been well received by mental health professionals and film critics alike, and I am proud to say it has been shortlisted for several film awards around the world.

I am blessed to have a strong and loyal team of like-minded people working alongside me on this project, as we develop these short films further, with A Day with Anxiety in the making and ready for release beginning of 2023

Any enquiries or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.