I have suffered from an anxiety disorder and panic attacks for a number of years. After a particularly difficult time my mum suggested I try counselling. I had undergone a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy a couple of years previously, which had failed to make much of an impact and I was unconvinced therapy was going to help this time. Lynn’s warm and friendly approach quickly dispelled the doubts I had over counselling and gave me hope that I could overcome my problems. She takes a holistic approach to mental wellbeing which improved my confidence and gave me the strength to tackle the causes of my anxiety. I have been able to speak openly about the difficulties I face and she has been there to listen and advise. Since starting sessions with Lynn I have been able to face situations I would previously have avoided and she has been there to support me through this process. I now have a much more positive mind-frame and feel that I have the strength to overcome my anxiety.