Working with Lynn is an entirely different process to conventional clinical treatments. Lynn seeks to understand every dimension of the your life, not just your symptoms, seeing you as a whole person, understanding your context, your past, and engaging with the kind of future you want. With Lynn, your destination isn’t fixed and you’re given the time, flexibility and opportunity to shape your own life; a process of empowerment unlike the loss of control and autonomy you feel as a patient in other clinical environments. This way, your recovery emerges as the product of your own self-acceptance and the decisions you make for yourself, and that’s what makes it real and lasting. Lynn’s ability to collaborate the efforts I was making as the sufferer, and the efforts my family made as carers, was key to holding us together as a family in a difficult time. I’ve yet to hear of another treatment provider that shows so much compassion and respect for everyone involved, where blame and fault do not come into it, and where recovery is nurtured and facilitated as opposed to forced or imposed. Lynn’s more holistic view sets her apart from other professionals in the field.