Importance of carers in the mental health recovery process


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In the media recently we have seen studies about how, an alarming number (7 out of 10) of children and teenagers with severe mental health problems are being treated in hospitals far away from home. The percentage has increased in 12 months, from 57% to 69% according to the NHS statistics.

It saddens me deeply to hear this, as anyone who is suffering from a mental illness, is at this time, at their most vulnerable. From my experience, the family and carers of a sufferer contribute greatly in their recovery process, so to have them so far away can be a detriment this. For the carer to provide consistent support through the recovery process means a lot to the sufferer, even if, at that time, they do not always show it.

I really hope that now this issue has been raised and spoken about, something is done to try to combat it.