Personally, I don’t know what might have happened if we hadn’t met Lynn. My daughter Lucy was in a very low state after being referred to Cahms with an eating disorder. I was at my wits end as months of advice and meetings through them weren’t helping or changing our situation. As soon I met Lynn, I knew Lucy would warm to her, at that point Lucy had shut herself away from everybody. Lynn’s own experience with her daughter and her expert knowledge in all aspects of mental health and warm personality very quickly had Lucy opening up. Lynn is completely professional in every way and manages to not only to break though the hidden barriers but carries a friendliness that helps her clients feel like they are seeing friend not a therapist. It’s been a long emotional journey, but right from the start Lynn said ” Once we get Lucy feeling happy again, the food would come.” She helped me as a parent with so much advice but more importantly supported Lucy all the way through and helped her believe in herself again. Lynns therapy isn’t just only an hourly session, she is there as a constant support day and night. Lynn also welcomed us into her family, her daughter Samantha has helped Lucy’s recovery in the form of personal training not only helping Lucy to build a stronger better body but also helping Lucy to recover emotionally as she could relate to Sam’s own experiences. Lynn helped us understand that mental health issues are never a quick fix but She gave us the hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are eternally grateful to have worked with Lynn, She helped bring the sunshine back into our family home