Like many others before us, we were completely devastated to discover our adorable 11 year old daughter had been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. The next few weeks were a haze as she fell deeper and deeper into the clutches of this heartbreaking illness. She became very sick very quickly and within two months she was admitted into general hospital and then as an inpatient for 2 admissions. We tried so hard to challenge this treatment then worked hard to keep her motivated to stay out of hospital. I spoke to every free counsellor, read books after books, scrawled the internet to learn as much as I could so that we could help her battle. Then I picked up Lynn’s book, Hope. It was frank and honest and for the first time we felt that we were doing the right thing in questioning the treatment available. I immediately discharged our daughter from our dreadful CAMHS team and contacted Lynn. I was met with a warm, kind voice at the end of the phone and easily I began to tell her our journey so far. There was tears and laughter and that warmth and easiness continued throughout our counselling. As mum, I benefitted as much as my daughter and Lynn helped dad as well to see how we needed to work together as the tight family unit that we were before an eating disorders came to visit. Our daughter has now got her life back! 100% back! 9 months of intense counselling but a counselling with a difference. Lynn cares, she oozes warmth, understanding and compassionand showed us how to take small steps, reassuring us together with our daughter that recovery is possible. Without a doubt, Lynn’s work is unique and she touched my family’s life like a true fairy godmother. I cannot recommend her counselling highly enough. She gave us strength, shared experiences and empowered us to make changes and question the “normal treatment” and for that and all her love and support, I will always feel blessed and thankful.