‘Self-esteem’ is one of those phrases that’s been overused to the point of losing all meaning, yet it’s essential to every human being’s development and happiness.

In what can be an incredibly toxic and frightening modern culture, young people in particular are struggling to gain some vestige of self-esteem and are subsequently battling myriad mental and physical health issues. Parents, teachers and carers want to help but often struggle to know quite what they can do.

DA-DAAA! Enter this book: a self-help book for people who are fed up with being patronised by self-help books. This guide will give you pragmatic, relevant advice on how to nurture self-esteem and discuss and deal with mental health issues, delivered with positivity, humour and realism.

Although touching on specific issues such as self-harm, eating disorders and anxiety, this is more generally geared towards instilling confidence and promoting a positive state of mind.

A collaborative effort between Lynn Crilly – a mother and counsellor who writes with love and warmth for her fellow parents and carers – and Natasha Devon – a journalist and activist, who writes with passion (and a few swear words) for teachers – there’s something in this book for everyone.