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Jo, Surrey

After reading Lynn’s book ‘Hope’ I was lucky enough to find out that she lived near me and was able to take my daughter on for counselling. After just 2 sessions I was feeling more hopefuland there were already signs of progress. We were fortunate that my daughter did not have ‘anorexia’ but she was suffering from depression, anxiety and low self-esteem, which were affecting her eating habits making her very thin. Lynn came along as a ray of sunshine in this world where our daughter’s (and sons) are under so much pressure. Six months on, my daughter is eating normally and is a happier and more confident young woman. I cannot thank Lynn enough. She has helped Jen get her life back which has mean’t that we, as a family, have got our lives back too.

Boris & Helen

Lynn worked with our daughter overseeing her recovery after what we see as counterproductive intervention from “traditional” eating disorder clinic. Her approach is was much more focused on a person on a holistic basis, dealing with the child, parents and all the environment around (school, GP, etc.) to create a sustainable basis for recovery and eventually letting us to live normal life. We think the work Lynn has done is extremely valuable and wishing her best of luck in the future. Thanks Lynn

Kevin James, Surrey

When I met Lynn I was in the middle of a mental breakdown, and not able to cope with life. I had been prescribed a heavy dose of antidepressants/anxiety drugs, which looking back at the time was a quick fix to calm my erratic behaviour – however long term. They had an adverse effect leaving me feeling even more depressed and desperate than before. With Lynn’s help, love and support I was able to see things more clearly, she gave me the strength to slowly wean myself of the drugs . I was then able to get me mental and physical state stronger and toregain my life back.

Andrew, Surrey

I have suffered from an anxiety disorder and panic attacks for a number of years. After a particularly difficult time my mum suggested I try counselling. I had undergone a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy a couple of years previously, which had failed to make much of an impact and I was unconvinced therapy was going to help this time. Lynn’s warm and friendly approach quickly dispelled the doubts I had over counselling and gave me hope that I could overcome my problems. She takes a holistic approach to mental wellbeing which improved my confidence and gave me the strength to tackle the causes of my anxiety. I have been able to speak openly about the difficulties I face and she has been there to listen and advise. Since starting sessions with Lynn I have been able to face situations I would previously have avoided and she has been there to support me through this process. I now have a much more positive mind-frame and feel that I have the strength to overcome my anxiety.

Michelle, Essex

Like many others before us, we were completely devastated to discover our adorable 11 year old daughter had been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. The next few weeks were a haze as she fell deeper and deeper into the clutches of this heartbreaking illness. She became very sick very quickly and within two months she was admitted into general hospital and then as an inpatient for 2 admissions. We tried so hard to challenge this treatment then worked hard to keep her motivated to stay out of hospital. I spoke to every free counsellor, read books after books, scrawled the internet to learn as much as I could so that we could help her battle. Then I picked up Lynn’s book, Hope. It was frank and honest and for the first time we felt that we were doing the right thing in questioning the treatment available. I immediately discharged our daughter from our dreadful CAMHS team and contacted Lynn. I was met with a warm, kind voice at the end of the phone and easily I began to tell her our journey so far. There was tears and laughter and that warmth and easiness continued throughout our counselling. As mum, I benefitted as much as my daughter and Lynn helped dad as well to see how we needed to work together as the tight family unit that we were before an eating disorders came to visit. Our daughter has now got her life back! 100% back! 9 months of intense counselling but a counselling with a difference. Lynn cares, she oozes warmth, understanding and compassionand showed us how to take small steps, reassuring us together with our daughter that recovery is possible. Without a doubt, Lynn’s work is unique and she touched my family’s life like a true fairy godmother. I cannot recommend her counselling highly enough. She gave us strength, shared experiences and empowered us to make changes and question the “normal treatment” and for that and all her love and support, I will always feel blessed and thankful.

Emma, Surrey

Working with Lynn is an entirely different process to conventional clinical treatments. Lynn seeks to understand every dimension of the your life, not just your symptoms, seeing you as a whole person, understanding your context, your past, and engaging with the kind of future you want. With Lynn, your destination isn’t fixed and you’re given the time, flexibility and opportunity to shape your own life; a process of empowerment unlike the loss of control and autonomy you feel as a patient in other clinical environments. This way, your recovery emerges as the product of your own self-acceptance and the decisions you make for yourself, and that’s what makes it real and lasting. Lynn’s ability to collaborate the efforts I was making as the sufferer, and the efforts my family made as carers, was key to holding us together as a family in a difficult time. I’ve yet to hear of another treatment provider that shows so much compassion and respect for everyone involved, where blame and fault do not come into it, and where recovery is nurtured and facilitated as opposed to forced or imposed. Lynn’s more holistic view sets her apart from other professionals in the field.

Melissa, Surrey

We were devastated and desperate when our 9 year old developed anorexia nervosa. She was so ill in March 2015 she would weep herself to sleep in my arms at night. Lynn’s experience, wisdom and warmth worked wonders and within three months we had made huge progress and had a happy, healthy and sociable child back. Our daughter doesn’t remember anything bad about the past months at all, in her mind her life continued completely unchanged and was ‘her best year at school’! Lynn’s skill and diligence at moving us all gently but firmly forward is incredibly precious, we are so very lucky to have found her. Our story could have so easily been frighteningly different.

Lauren, Surrey

Lynn has genuinely changed my life in a massive way. When I first went to see Lynn I felt like I’d lost control of my life and felt that there was no way anything would ever get better. Lynn was incredible in helping me to become stronger than I ever thought I could be and in helping me to be more open with myself, my friends and my family. I will always be grateful to her for turning my life around with her kind and understanding encouragement. I feel so lucky to have been able to spend time with Lynn and I can never thank her enough for what she’s done for me and for helping me to become the strong, confident person I am now.

Ella, Surrey

Lynn Crilly has been my councillor for the past year and I can honestly say she has changed my life for the better. She has helped me to overcome my eating disorder
as I was suffering from anorexia nervosa. Without Lynn, I would not have been able to beat it. She is always there at any time of day or night to talk to you.She is always supportive and kind
to you. I am so lucky that I found Lynn as I don’t think I would be here without her. She has not only helped me, but also my parents who were strugggling to come to terms with the eating
disorder and I know they are very grateful to Lynn too. As I go into recovery she has given me, my family and friends that I can keep going and never look back. Thank you Lynn.

Emily, Surrey

I think it’s always difficult to admit you need help, but Lynn doesn’t make it feel like you need to ever be ashamed or embarrassed of the problems you are dealing with. She helped me to address my problems and found ways that I can start to deal with them. Lynn is unlike any other counsellor because she is always there, no matter what. She truly is an amazing and inspiring lady and has helped me in so many ways. In fact, she has changed my life. I was so stuck in a rut and didn’t like myself and she has helped me look and treat myself with care and positivity. I feel so lucky to know Lynn, she truly has given me my life back, and I feel optimistic and ready for the future. Thank you Lynn xxx