My name is Veronica, and I am the mother of a recovering anorexic girl. We had the blessing opportunity to be helped in all this process by Lynn Crilly. As a Mexican family living in the UK, it was not easy for us to understand what to do in this situation and to find the proper guidance and help that we required. Desperate as we were,we started researching for professionals in the matter and it was by luck that we contacted Lynn. Since the first moment I met her, I knew we were going to be ok!!! For us Lynn has not only been the professional help we needed, but also her encouragement, kindness, loving heart, braveness, intelligence and sparkling character has made this journey far less dramatic and painful. Since the first moment we talk to her, we felt that we were at home, she gave us love and inspired trust to all of us especially to my daughter. Slowly but steadily our daughter has moved forward and we will always be grateful with Lynn for her guidance and help