What is mental health?


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We are constantly bombarded with ways in which we can maintain our physical health – healthy recipes, great workouts, ways to keep our body fit and healthy. But what about our mental health?

Positive mental health can be achieved in so many ways. Eating healthy and exercise help both mental and physical health by giving our brain nutrients and keeping our bodies active. Something that most of us don’t take seriously enough though, but can have massive benefits on our mental health, is sleep – It allows our bodies to repair themselves, poor sleep can lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Other ways in which can you boost not only your own everyday mental health but others too is by being kind, and supportive to others and keeping in mind your own and others emotional awareness. Be mindful of your own emotions and how you make others feel, supportive relationships can be a vital part of good mental health.

Lastly, you will be very surprised how much one laugh can change the scope of your day. Surround yourself with positivity and you are part the way there.